Now that we live in FL, fireworks of any kind of legal.  This meant an entirely new battle for my husband who suffers from PTSD and TBI.  We spent almost all of New Year’s Eve preparing him from all the sudden booms and explosions from fireworks.  The fireworks started extremely, around 7:30 and did not seem to stop until after 2 am.  For veterans who have been to war, the sound and sometimes even the smell of fireworks can set off a PTSD rage.  These noises and smells send them right back to the battlefield and no one can even imagine what they witnessed.  I think the night was harder for me as his caregiver and I probably annoyed him by constantly asking him if he was okay.  I was more anxious about the situation than he was.  This is the one time I was grateful for his video game.  He had his headphones on and did not hear much of the commotion going on outside.

It would be nice if after the holidays were over that meant no more fireworks.  Tonight, as we sat eating dinner, someone in the neighborhood decided to let off some random fireworks.  My husband took cover and his anxiety shot through the roof.  It sounded as if bullets were hitting on front door. 

Please remember that when setting off random fireworks, you are affecting people around you that fight for a new sense of normal every single day.  Our veterans deserve the utmost respect and as mentioned in my first blog, society does not realize the affects of simple things, like fireworks, have on veterans.


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